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Litigation and Conflict Resolution

We work on the clear assumption that businesses expect and demand a cost-effective handling of conflicts and dispute resolutions. This requires more than knowledge of the actual law. Thus, when planning the strategy of the case we consider the overall commercial interests of our clients.

We always seek to reach an amicable solution as it often creates greater value for our clients and helps our clients to maintain a good relationship with their customers. However, if litigation or arbitration is inevitable; our procedural team are ready to handle your task from the beginning to the end.

As a specialized law firm, we are able to gather the right team of a lawyer with the required legal specialization and an experienced litigation lawyer. The team assesses the legal and commercial possibilities and risks into details. This makes us able to guide our clients safely through litigation or arbitration and to ensure a cost-effective solution.

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Torben From, Attorney (H), STORM Advokatfirma
Torben From
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