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About Us

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR. Three letters of great importance for both us and the society. We take our social responsibility seriously, and it is a fundamental part of our vision.

Our efforts cover a number of areas, all of which constitute significant aspects in relation to our vision.

Our efforts covers three main areas:

  • Employees
  • The local community
  • Environment

We believe that we have a responsibility for the local community, in which we operate. We are engaged in many initiatives, and we believe it is our responsibility to provide support of such efforts. However, that does not mean that we are satisfied. We promise to be ambitious; if we can do it better that yesterday, then we will do it.

We recognize that we are not there yet. However, we have already initiated many activities and continually developing new ones to improve our community. We aim to improve our responsibility in the community, as well as our responsibility in relation to our firm.

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